App Monetization: Utilizing Video Ads to Get the Best Results

App advertising has grown drastically in the past couple of years and it has become an economy of its own. Everyone is expecting that this trend will continue and that the growth will remain consistent as there are more and more mobile devices each year. On top of that, more and more people are getting used to using their mobile phones constantly.As good as this trend is, it can also be bad in[…]

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Video on Demand and Dynamic Ad Insertion: A New Way to Get Your Message Across

As technology changes, so doe the habits of consumers and this is why many viewers are looking to go forward and adopt new technologies as well. Today, live TV is completely switching to time shifting viewing. Video on demand has allowed people to watch their favourite movies, TV series and shows all on a single platform, without having to include any additional software.Video on demand has become[…]

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The VR Revolution: Advertising Opportunities in VR App Environment

The mobile and VR device market is still in expansion. When it comes to the smartphones and tablets, they have already conquered the globe with their usability. However, the VR fever is yet to truly shake the world in the coming years, as the platform becomes more budget-friendly and receives an increased number of users.However, developers and product manufacturers need to make the whole VR platform[…]

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