Why Is Mobile Video Advertising One Step Ahead Of The Traditional Kind?

15 Aug 2014

Marketers have turned their attention to online advertising and mobile video advertising formats because most entertainment sources have moved from the small TV screen to computer and portable screens. This, in its turn, meant breaking away from the TV format of advertising, where the hourly slots and the rating-based tariffs were kings. Apart from better costs, the online and mobile versions of advertising meant better access to users, who became more drawn to what could be found on the Internet, whereas TV audiences have decreased.

So what has mobile video advertising done for us lately? Well, a considerable lot for the marketers! They no longer have to wait for people to come home, kick off their shoes, and then dive carelessly on the couch while reaching for the remote. Any place is a good place to watch a video and get a free, colorful, and fun commercial to go with it. Especially since the online content wanted is free.

Mobile terminals, meaning smartphones and tablets, can be used anywhere. This means that your ad reaches them in the airport, at the restaurant, in line at the supermarket, at the PTA meeting, or a boring conference. Having such coverage in print would mean a great investment for any company. The Internet is a safer bet, it has a greater outreach, and it has another great advantage. As opposed to a banner, which, even though it is designed to draw all eyes, usually gets overlooked, an ad conceived for mobile video advertising cannot be missed, mainly because it cannot be skipped.

Another thing marketers rely on considerably when including a mobile video advertising component in their campaigns is the idea that as difficult as it is to watch a video on a tiny screen, people still do it. Whether it’s because the type of life they lead compels them to squeeze a little relaxation whenever they can, or whether there are a lot of mundane activities which does not require them to focus, like waiting for their clothes at the Laundromat or waiting for the train in the station, more and more people have started watching their favorite episodes in public. This leaves plenty of room for ads to be sprinkled here and there.

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