Video on Demand and Time shifted Viewing

time shifted viewing chart

Video on demand time shifted viewing programs are now going mainstream, and this is driving multi-platforms viewing as well. 

  • Set-up box video on demand was available in approximately 60 percent of television households in 2013, up from 37 percent in 2008 (Nielsen).
  • Most time-shifted viewing happens through a set up box today. Together, DVRs (34 percent) and VoD from a pay TV provider (19%) account for more than half of all time-shifted viewing. (according to a Hub Entertainment t Research study conducted in February 2015)
  • Some networks see over 50 percent of their 18-34 aged viewership coming in the seven-day window after a live airing (Nielsen).
  • 47 percent of the average viewer’s TV content is live while 53 percent is time-shifted. (Hub Entertainment t Research)
Data above indicates that more and more people, especially of the younger generation, prefer to watch video content on their own timetable. And, according to Nielsen’s 2013 Cross Platform Report, what they watch mostly on VoD is feature films.  [caption id="attachment_386" align="aligncenter" width="783"]Source: Nielsen Source: Nielsen[/caption] While 52 percent of viewers have movies as their top VoD choice, with only 2 percent between the age group of 18-38 time shifting these programs, general drama programs are time-shifted by 40 percent between the age group of 18-34 and by 51 percent in the 50+ age group. Moreover, 17 percent of program viewers between the age group 18-34 and 8 percent of program viewers of 50+ age time-shift general documentaries. Time-shifted behavior has challenged the TV industry that was accustomed to serving video content to people live, with advertising included. The main challenge right now is for broadcasters and publishers to demonstrate to their advertising clients that people are still watching their ads; they just have much more control over what they’re watching. According to Nielsen, time shifted viewing behavior could also provide insights into whether or not social media is influencing and enhancing this trend. And if it is, there could be monetization potential with live +7 audiences. 

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