Veeplay Launches Video Player SDK for Windows for in-app monetization

Today, 7th of June 2016 Veeplay, a Munich-based video technology company, announced today the launch of its free-to-use Windows video player SDK for publishers. The company’s new mobile video player represents the world’s first Windows-based video player SDK for in-stream video monetization.Additional features of the new player include its capacity to offer both linear and non-linear adds, in addition to supporting VAST 1,2,3 and VMAP standards.The SDK is suitable for both mobile and desktop apps, reflecting Windows’ unified platform approach for both web & mobile mediums. A key differentiator for publishers wishing to deliver a premium video experience with a no-cost footprint, is that the video player SDK is free to use without any limitationsThe SDK has been specifically built for T.V. Networks and Media Broadcasters to aid them in their development of VOD applications, and has key functionality to manage these demand sources.Alex Cercel, Head of Business Development at Veeplay, shared the following statement to the press regarding the announcement:“With over 50% of users worldwide consuming videos in apps, expanding our player for the Windows platform is a crucial step that enables our customers to stay on top of their mobile monetization strategy for all the mobile platforms as well as being able to deliver video content securely.”,/br>The new SDK complements Veeplay’s current roster of products, cementing the company’s leading position as the sole provider of enterprise grade mobile video players across all mobile platforms.As mobile video consumption continues to gather popularity as a preferred medium, Veeplay is the industry-leading provider of SDKs for iOS and Android. Its new Windows SDK completes its cornering of the “big 3” platforms for mobile devices and represents the company’s unique placement for optimizing video distribution and gaining key insights into customer behaviour.

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"We are glad to have found a reliable partner in Veeplay, whose player technology allows us to keep pace with the fast moving environment of mobile video."

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