Best Practices We Can Learn from VoD Providers: Netflix, HBO Now and Hulu Plus

Some of the greatest players VoD providers in today’s video on demand market make the best business role models for any type of company. This article presents best practices of three of the largest and most successful VoD providers today. NETFLIX When it first entered the market in 1997, Netflix drew its fan base and revenue by delivering DVD-by-mail services in the United States only. Now, 18[…]

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The Importance of VoD Analysis for VoD Consumption

Marketers will tell you that data analysis makes a world of difference. And it truly does. How can any brand deliver outstanding services if it doesn’t know what customers want? Analytics provide useful and relevant information that help build business models and make updating these models according to current trends easier. Far too often, companies tend to rely on assumptions and intuition in today’s[…]

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IAB Video Standards and Guidelines: Measuring Digital Video Ads

In 2008, IAB released the Digital Video In-Stream Ad Metric Definitions, guidelines meant to help publishers and marketers in the process of creating video advertising. These IAB Video Standards were further updated in a document released by IAB in 2014, as a necessity to build upon the technological advances that had taken place between the time periods. This article includes main updated IAB video[…]

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